How Covid Impacted the Vet Industry

2 PNS Staff Members work on an animal and prepare for surgery.

2 PNS Staff Members work on an animal and prepare for surgery.

Big Changes 

Think back to the last three years. How much has changed? Covid has impacted many different areas of our lives, and pets are no exception. In veterinary practices, many changes were made and some have stuck around.

Modify Operations 

There’s no question the veterinary industry was hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. With the necessary lockdown of essential services, veterinary clinics had to drastically modify their operations to accommodate the virus. This had a huge impact on the industry, with many clinics experiencing serious financial losses.

Adapt Services 

Due to the inability to perform certain procedures, many veterinary clinics had to adapt the services they offered. With limited access to necessary supplies and equipment, some clinics started offering telemedicine services, such as consultations and behavioral advice. This has helped many pet owners keep their furry family members healthy and happy, while also reducing the risk of humans and animals contracting the virus.

Increased Demand 

The uncertainty of the pandemic put a strain on the veterinary industry, with some clinics forced to close their doors temporarily. This led to an increase in the demand for pet care services, as pet owners were forced to look for alternative options. With this increased demand,  clinics found inventive ways to keep their services open, such as offering home visits and curbside services.

PNS Adjustments

How did things change in our own corner of the veterinary world? Pets in Stitches handled its own set of unique challenges. In the beginning, we had to be creative to avoid ordering new personal protective equipment due to the nationwide request to leave such products for human use—yet be able to provide the same level of service.

Pet Esplendor 

Demand for our services increased during the pandemic due to two main reasons.  The first being that people started adopting more pets since they were home and able to care for these new additions. Secondly, some people had more discretionary income since they weren’t traveling or paying as much for entertainment costs. Over time, we doubled our staff number to keep up with the demand for surgical services. In deference to the financial difficulties we knew people were finding themselves in, Pets In Stitches did not raise prices in 2000.

Tough Choices

In 2022, demand normalized and we had to reduce staff, which was sad for us since we met some wonderful people. Unfortunately, prices for supplies and agricultura started increasing for businesses, also. It was a difficult yet necessary decision to raise prices every quarter to make sure we could survive as a business and pay our staff what they deserve for the safe and loving environment they create for our patients. 

Excellent Care

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a significant impact on the veterinary industry, forcing many clinics to make drastic changes to their operations. Despite the challenges, Pets in Stitches remains committed to providing excellent care for our furry friends and their pet parents.


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