How to Care for Your Dog After Being Neutered

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Deciding Is The First Step

So, you’ve decided to neuter your pet. Great choice! It’s important to be proactive with this step. The first thing that comes to mind might be preventing unwanted pregnancies or keeping your dog from running off, yards over, to meet with a fellow dog—but there’s also other benefits such as hormone balancing and prevention of cancer. Take a look at our other articles to read more about the benefits of neutering your pet. However, in this article we are focusing on how to best accommodate your pet post-surgery.

A Concerted Effort

Neutering a dog creates a partnership. We’ll do our part here at Pets in Stitches to ensure your furry family member is well taken care of before, during, and after surgery. You can do your part by fully understanding all the measures you can take for a successful recovery. This includes the correct timing of water and food, incision site care, and vigilance for symptoms. After reading this article, you’ll know exactly how to care for your dog after neutering.

Detailed Instructions

We pride ourselves on sending thorough directions home after your pet’s neuter that will help guide your caretaking as they recover. Often, we hear that these detailed notes make pet parents feel more secure and empowered in their aftercare. At the end of this article, we’ve included a few testimonials so you can read firsthand what our pet parents have said about our procedure process.

It’s All in the Details

Some examples of what’s included in the sheets are:

  • When to allow food and water
  • When to change bandaging
  • When to dose the antibiotic
  • Pictures of how a healthy, healing incision looks
  • Pictures of how an incision facing infection looks

Highlights of Care

After a neuter, It’s very important to limit your dog’s activity for seven days. Keep your dog quiet in a cage or a small room like a bathroom. No running, jumping, playing, or swimming. Very short leash walks for elimination only are allowed. If you think you’ll have difficulty keeping your dog inactive, please contact us regarding purchasing go-home anti-anxiety medication. The big things to watch out for include pale gums, vomiting, diarrhea, discharge or bleeding from the incision, difficulty urinating, incision opens, labored breathing, lethargy lasting for more than 24 hours. Contact us immediately if any occur.

Here are more tidbits to keep in mind:

  • While some redness and swelling are expected, there should be no drainage. There may be slight bleeding for the first 24 hours.
  • Those after surgery collars aren’t just a fun fashion accessory! They keep your dog from licking or chewing at the incision site, which can cause infection or keep the spot from healing properly.
  • If your pup cooperates, try icing the area for 15 minutes several times a day on and off during the first 48 hours. 
  • Good news! No stitch removal necessary. We use dissolvable sutures.
  • Keep your pup inside to stay clean, dry, and warm.


Avoid Extras

We know it can be rough to see your pup anxious or uncomfortable, but do not administer over-the-counter pain medications which can be very dangerous. Your dog has received pain medication at the time of surgery and some to be administered at home in food. Also, please do not clean or use any ointments to the surgical site. Your doggo’s body will heal the incision on its own.

Post-Surgery Check-In

A little unsure if the incision is healing well? Pets In Stitches will recheck your dog at no charge for complications resulting directly from surgery performed at Pets In Stitches. If you’d like to have your dog rechecked during regular business hours, please call (937) 630-3320. You may also email [email protected] and include your full name, your dog’s name, and the date of surgery. Include a picture of your dog’s incision if you are concerned with its appearance.

Not So Fast! 

Sure, your dog is neutered now, but there is a waiting period for the cache to be cleared.  Male dogs can still impregnate a female dog for up to one month after surgery. Also, please keep females that were in heat away from non-neutered males for two weeks. While they are unable to become pregnant, they will still attract males. If a male attempts to breed the female, it can cause life-threatening damage to the female.

Feel Free to Ask

Now, you may have the question of when. This article covers the ins and outs of theory behind when you should neuter. And, as always, if you have any questions after reading through all of this, don’t hesitate to reach out and ask. We’re always glad to review your unique case and give you tailored answers on how to best keep your pet healthy and happy.


Glowing Testimonials

We’ve included a few testimonials so you can capture what our pleased pet parents are saying about Pets in Stitches for neuter surgeries.

“Leo has done remarkably well. Being a young lab, I thought we may have more issues, but he healed beautifully. I would give you and Pets in Stitches a 10+! Leo was rather rambunctious when we got to the clinic for surgery and you didn’t mind. You made me feel so comfortable leaving him with you. I was lucky. I met you when you chipped him and because of that, I chose to have you neuter him.

I really appreciated your phone call to check on Leo and the opportunity to contact you with any questions. I felt you were very accessible. I found out after the fact that 2 of my friends from the barn where I board my horse also know you. Beth worked with you at SICSA—you neutered both of her current pitbulls and Kris who recently brought 4 stray kittens in to you to be neutered. I love knowing other people think you are pretty terrific too! I think the service you offer is great.”

–Barb Ettinger, pet parent to Leo


“I would definitely recommend you to anyone—at a 10! It was a fantastic visit and don’t think you could’ve done a better job! Thank you! As a nervous dog mom, I was assured it would be a fantastic surgery and they recommended a scrotal ablation which I am so thankful for, as he doesn’t have an empty sack. 

You guys were all so caring and I felt like he was in the best hands. A week post-op his incision wasn’t looking good, they quickly got me in that day to observe it and gave me antibiotics to help with the healing! And I truly appreciate the calling to check up on him post-surgery and the contact email is amazing. Quick response time and again assuring me it looks just fine. Probably the most caring and thorough vets I’ve seen.

I absolutely love Pets In Stitches and would definitely come back! Here’s a picture of Moose on his first walk after surgery!”

–Amaya Fleur, pet parent to Moose


“We brought Pippa and Zeus (our Min Pin siblings) to Dr. Rastetter when it was time to get them spayed/neutered. After much research for price and user reviews, we chose Pets In Stitches—even over our vet/animal hospital. Reviews were glowing and the price was about half of what we had expected to pay. My husband and I are still amazed at what a great job Dr. Rastetter and her staff did with our babies. Stitches were barely noticeable and they healed wonderfully. No itching/scratching. A 10+ is given from all of us and we have already given recommendations to friends and family for their services. A big THANK YOU to all!!!”

–Brenda Neece, pet parent to Pippa and Zeus

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