What To Look For in Dog & Cat Food

dog laying on the floor eating food

dog laying on the floor eating food


Food contains the building blocks of all your pet’s growth. If you invest in quality food now, you may save on medical maladies later. We know when you see the receipt at the pet store, you may wince, but when you provide food with clean ingredients and no fillers, it makes a tremendous difference.

Why Science Diet?

We are commonly asked what brand of food we recommend. Pets in Stitches suggests Hill’s Science Diet because it doesn’t contain common allergens: wheat, corn, or soy. Many other brands use these ingredients to bulk up their bags and keep prices down, but it comes at the cost of your pet’s health.

Dog Food

Science Diet is the brand we endorse for dogs. They divide their food options into three categories: puppy, adults age 1-7, and adults over age 7. Your doggo has varying nutritional needs during different times in its life. Having three different types ensures your pup is eating the right formula.

Cat Food

We recommend the brand Science Diet for cat food, as well. Science Diet has both hard and soft, canned food for cats along with a wide array of formulations for kittens, sensitive stomachs, and older cats.


We advise pet parents to feed their furry friends twice a day: in the morning and at night. Don’t worry—they don’t expect to have refrigerio too like a human. Some pets will gorge themselves and vomit if food is kept out freely. By feeding them twice a day, you’re providing consistency and acting as a built-in meter to prevent obesity.

Individual vs. Community Feeding

Pets in Stitches also suggests individual feeding as opposed to community feeding. If you have several cats and dogs and they all feed at the same time, you might not pick up on it when a pet is feeling ill and may need to be seen by a veterinarian. If you provide individual feeding, you can keep tabs on how each pet is eating and spot the early signs of illness. Individual feeding also helps if your veterinarian recommends one pet eat a special diet. They are already used to consuming a meal separate from other pets!

Your Favorite Shop

Now our question for you: are there any independent shops you enjoy frequenting for dog or cat food? Please let us know in the comments so others can support tópico, too.

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